How to End Energy Poverty with Good Clean Energy podcast, February 2023

Rose Mutiso joins the show to discuss the connection between access to affordable electricity and poverty and details a path forward for energy-poor countries in Africa. Covered in this episode: The connection between access to electricity and poverty, the reality of living in an energy poor country, why modeling is important for energy policy making, how the path to accessible energy in Africa will unwind, why energy infrastructure is crucial to Africa’s future (42:00).

A global transition: from China to Sub-Saharan Africa with Inside the Energy Transition podcast, April 2022

Is the energy transition only truly happening in the West? Politicians like to point fingers at those who ‘aren’t doing their bit’. But every country – from China to Kenya – is going through their own transformation. Rose Mutiso joins Harsh Vijay Singh, and Isabel Hilton to discuss on The Centre for Net Zero’s podcast, Inside the Energy Transition (37:22).

New targets and metrics for energy reliability, productivity, and quality with Brookings’ 17 Rooms Podcast, January 2022

Todd Moss discusses new “measurable metrics” to reframe SDG7 energy targets to be more ambitious and location-specific with Clare Boland Ross, managing director of the Power and Climate Initiative, and podcast host John McArthur of the Brookings Institution. (44:34)

Katie Auth on My Climate Journey, December 2021

Katie speaks to host Jason Jacobs of “My Climate Journey” and discusses how she thinks about the problem of climate change and energy poverty, and how to make climate change a non-political issue (49:35).

Jake Kincer on Advanced Nuclear Markets Map with AfriNuke Podcast, August 2021

Jake Kincer overviews the Hub’s research assessing the readiness of advanced nuclear adoption around the world with AfriNuke podcast (36:07).

Todd Moss with AfriNuke Podcast, July 2021

Todd speaks with AfriNuke Podcast on topics of the Hub Modern Energy Minimum, affordable energy for all and the data center needs that accompany energy, and climate adaptation (35:25).

Increasing Energy Access Ambition for Global Development with Power for All, May 2021

Host William Brent speaks with Todd Moss on the recent launch of a new framework called the Modern Energy Minimum, which calls for a huge jump in ambition for what the global development community considers basic energy access (25:39).

Empowering Africa: Who Gets a Limited Climate Budget? with Energy Thinks Podcast, April 2021

Hub Board member Tisha Schuller meets with Rose Mutiso to discuss the important and the unique considerations for Africa’s energy future in the context of global decarbonization (45:05).

Todd Moss with Power Hungry Podcast, February 2021

Host Robert Bryce talks to Todd Moss about the challenges of electrification in Africa, the fuels that will likely play the biggest roles in that effort, and the Modern Energy Minimum. (1:12:25)

‘Tis the Season to be Voting… with The ARC Insider, November 2020

ARC Insider hosts Karen Allen and Tara O’Connor are joined by Todd Moss to cover elections inside and outside of Africa with a particular focus on how the US election results might impact US-Africa relations. (31:13)

A Zombie-Free Recovery of Africa’s Energy Sector with CSIS Into Africa, October 2020

Energy development is at the heart of an inclusive African recovery from Covid-19, but how can we supercharge the region’s power sector? Todd Moss, Rose Mutiso, and Kate Steel join host Judd Devermont to discuss the future of Africa’s energy sector, South Africa’s struggling diplomacy in Zimbabwe, and key challenges facing African think tanks. (37:58)

Advanced Nuclear Energy with Power Hungry Podcast, July 2020

Fellow Jessica Lovering talks with Power Hungry host Robert Bryce about her work with The Energy For Growth Hub on nuclear power for emerging economies, the challenges facing the nuclear sector, the advantages of small modular reactors, and why they have the potential to be, as she put it, the “iPhone of nuclear reactors.” (1:01:07)

Growing the Power Grid in Africa with Resources Radio, June 2020

Host Daniel Raimi talks with Todd Moss on efforts to build electricity capacity across Africa, as well as economic and political hurdles that complicate the expansion of power. Exploring the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on emerging economies, Moss warns about the long-term impacts of delayed infrastructure projects and declining oil prices. (35:17)

The Climate Solutions Series with CSIS, March 2020

The second session of the Climate Solutions Series features experts Jesse Jenkins (Princeton University), Sue Tierney (Analysis Group), Chris Shelton (AES; AES Next); and Todd Moss (Energy for Growth Hub) for a discussion of the important themes and issues facing the power sector in the context of decarbonization. (1:29:17)

Going nuclear with The Weeds, February 2020

Hub Fellow Jessica Lovering joins Matt Yglesias to discuss the role of advanced nuclear in combatting climate change.(1:02:12)

The Resource Curse and Energy Poverty with Resources Radio, April 2019

Daniel Raimi of Resources For the Future talks with Todd Moss. They cover two major topics: avoiding the so-called “oil curse” in the nation of Guyana, and supporting economic growth in the developing world by improving energy access for businesses and industries. (31:07)

Energy for Growth with Breakthrough Dialogues, April 2019

About two-thirds of the energy in an economy is used outside the home. Todd discusses with the Breakthrough Institute how poor countries need not just energy access but energy for growth: utility-scale grid technology. (27:42)

Energy Poverty with Mark Goldberg of UN Dispatch, February 2019

Todd Moss talks about energy poverty– specifically why the traditional definition of that term may be an inadequate understanding of the problem, and about the link between big scale energy solutions, global development and climate change. (27:49)

Energy Access with the Center for Global Development, November 2018

Todd Moss joined Holly Shulman at the Center for Global Development to discuss how big the energy gap is, how the solutions so far haven’t been on the right scale, and to explain why the tradeoff between residential and industrial energy isn’t really a tradeoff at all. (1:40)

Electrifying Africa’s Future with CSIS, November 2018

Todd Moss joined Dan Runde, Director of the Project on Prosperity and Development at CSIS, on his podcast series Building the Future and discussed what led him to launch the Energy for Growth Hub. (30:48)

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