In the race to net zero, every country and every locality is going to require a different set of solutions based on available resources, financing, economy, and political will. Todd Moss discusses the challenges and priorities for low-emitting, energy-poor countries with the Rational Middle (08:29).

The Modern Energy Minimum proposal calls for a higher, more inclusive level of electricity consumption as a better access metric to raise global energy ambitions (1:40).

Research Director Rose Mutiso outlines how African countries need more energy, not less, to fight climate change and deserve the majority of the world’s carbon budget to exercise their right to opportunity (6:42) at the 2020 TED Countdown Conference.

Rose Mutiso gives a TED talk (13:00) on the importance of providing equal energy access to African countries for both the economy and environment.

Executive Director Todd Moss joins The Atlantic for their “Ideas Out Loud” segment (8:33) to discuss expanding power access in Africa.

Rose Mutiso joined John Defterios on CNN’s Global Energy Challenge to discuss Africa’s energy future amid the COVID-19 pandemic (2:00). Watch the full CNN segment here (23:57).

Todd Moss gives a lecture (17:35) at Georgetown University about the vision for the future of Africa’s power sector.

Hub fellows Joyashree Roy and Jessica Lovering are featured voices in the documentary, Juice: How Electricity Explains the World. Watch the trailer (3:15), and access the full documentary here (01:20.00).

Todd Moss describes the resource paradox (10:08) with the Rice University Baker Institute as a part of their film series, Energy in Transition.

Learn about the Energy For Growth Hub’s mission to design high-power solutions for minimizing the energy poverty gap in developing countries (1:25).

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