June 2, 2022
Hub launches PPA Watch, a new transparency initiative
By Rushaiya Ibrahim-Tanko, Todd Moss

For the world to have any chance of scaling electricity fast enough to eradicate energy poverty or meet our clean energy goals, we need transparent, competitive power markets. But in most emerging markets, power contracts are shrouded in secrecy – despite often involving public money and obligations.

That’s why we launched a new initiative to shed light on the problem of secret power purchase agreements: PPA Watch

PPA Watch tracks and scores PPA disclosure by aggregating publicly available information on power contracts in countries worldwide. (We’re starting with scores for a sample of twelve emerging markets but our coverage will grow.)

We’re also advocating for greater transparency by proposing electricity contract disclosure norms and providing audience-specific resources for everyone to get involved: policymakers, investors, journalists, clean energy advocates, and especially regular citizens.

Find out more, including how your country scores, why transparency matters to you, and how to join us in promoting a high energy, low carbon future: visit

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