April 17, 2023
What Ghana’s Game-Changing PPA Register Means for Power Sector Transparency
By Grace Tamble, Rushaiya Ibrahim-Tanko

What Happened: Ghana’s utility regulator recently launched a public register of power purchase agreements (PPAs) to share information on all 14 of the country’s active electricity contracts covering both renewable and non-renewable power projects. As a result, Ghana improved its PPA Watch transparency score, moving from a 3 (not transparent) to a 5 (partly transparent).

Relevance: A public registry showing basic information on all PPAs is a great first step toward contract transparency! Increasing access to contract details helps to reduce governance and investment risks in the sector,  build public confidence in the government’s management of the energy sector, and level the playing field for all firms.

What’s Next for Ghana: We hope this will be a springboard for policymakers and civil society organizations to demand full disclosure of power sector contracts and a more competitive procurement process. Greater transparency is especially timely as the country attempts to restructure its sector debt and grow the economy.

For more, read our case study on Ghana’s PPAs and find your country’s score on PPA Watch. We hope to see you soon!

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