Can ‘Big Data’ Be More Than a Buzzword for Energy?
Needed for smart policy: A way to distinguish those big data applications that can provide pragmatic energy solutions from the techno-optimist hype.


Major energy investment decisions that have decades-long effects could be better informed by data. Yet the potential of cloud computing, remote sensors, and satellite imagery are underexploited in the energy sector.


Too often policymakers are making decisions in a vacuum of evidence or taking a one-project-at-a-time transactional approach. At the same time, the latest technology trends are enticing but can often be misleading and distract from readily-available solutions.

Our Approach

The Hub translates information about a range of new data analysis and technologies into a format that assists policymakers in sifting through the noise. The potential of big data to aid energy planning is vast, but there are important differences among the various models. Artificial intelligence, the internet-of-things, autonomous vehicles, and cryptocurrencies may all have meaningful implications for future energy systems. But not all are immediately relevant for all markets.