Energy is the lifeblood of modern economies
Blackouts, high costs, and energy shortages destroy livelihoods. High-energy systems that deliver reliable and affordable energy drive economic growth and job creation.


The best solution to poverty is a job. Yet tens of millions of young people are unemployed and wasting their human capital. Data suggest that in many countries cost and reliability of energy is a leading barrier to firm expansion and job creation.


Blackouts and high electricity costs are job-killers. Despite this reality, there is an overwhelming focus on household-level solutions to energy access. While this approach has made great strides to increase basic access, it does little to defray the negative economic impacts of low-reliability and costly electricity.

Our Approach

The Hub uses the latest economic studies to better understand where energy is a binding constraint to growth and to inform policymakers where new investments in energy infrastructure will have the greatest returns to job creation and economic expansion.

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