Changing the conversation about natural gas powering emerging economies
A long complex gas-to-power value chain means that many economies export their hydrocarbon resources even while their own markets are starved for power.


Many emerging economies in Asia and Africa are rich in hydrocarbon resources and have active exploration and production. However, most production is exported to wealthier nations, rather than being used to help generate power at home.


While many high-income economies are boosting their reliance on natural gas for power, international financing institutions feel growing pressure to restrict investment in gas in emerging and frontier markets — even when it presents a lower-emissions alternative than diesel, coal, or traditional biofuels.

Our Approach

By bridging research to policy, the Hub is changing the conversation about the potential of natural gas to provide energy for economic growth in these economies. We also explore potential policy and technological solutions that could remove obstacles along the gas-to-power value chain to enable countries to harness their own resources to power future prosperity.

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