June 2, 2021
Job Opportunity — Project Director, PPA Watch
By Todd Moss

The Energy for Growth Hub is seeking a Project Director/Senior Associate to join our team to help establish and manage a new global campaign to promote transparency of electricity contracts. The initiative aims to help establish new disclosure norms, support international standard-setters, and provide relevant information to local civil society. The initiative will be of interest to government officials seeking to build new cost-effective clean energy systems, public and private investors in infrastructure, climate finance advocates aiming for rapid scale-up of renewable energy, businesses hoping for low-cost reliable power, transparency advocates, anti-corruption campaigners, and citizen advocacy groups.


  • Help to craft and lead a niche and multi-dimensional advocacy campaign
  • Analyze technical, legal, financial, and policy issues associated with contract transparency and power sector development
  • Manage outreach and engagement for the campaign, which may include writing blogs, short memos, case studies, and newsletters; and speaking publicly and privately with diverse audiences
  • Initiate and maintain regular interaction with senior government officials, MDB officials, funders, business leaders, and civil society advocacy groups to build alliances, educate them on the issue, and garner support
  • Manage a remote network of consultants and data collectors
  • Build and manage a dedicated website, along with a database of power contracts
  • Contribute toward other data and research projects at the Hub

Qualifications, must have:

  • Passion for ending energy poverty
  • Instincts of a creative problem solver
  • Excellent writing and communications skills, including the ability to communicate complex material clearly and compellingly to non-experts
  • Ability to work independently and on a team
  • Sense of humor!
  • Familiarity with public policy, legal contracts, investment policy, and electricity systems
  • Relevant advanced degree
  • Experience with a related transparency advocacy campaign or organization is a strong plus

Location: Remote or Washington DC
Hours: Could be structured as full- or part-time
To apply: Email a CV and short writing sample to with “PPA Watch project director” in the subject line.

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