September 7, 2022
Coffee Break Briefing with Ben Attia: Headwinds to clean energy
By Benjamin Attia, Todd Moss

Countries in Africa need a massive scale-up of clean energy. But the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine are disproportionately affecting these economies— and having especially severe effects on their energy sectors.

Our latest analysis, “New Headwinds to Clean Energy: Four crippling squeezes on SDG7 and priorities to address them,” shows that both grid and off-grid clean energy investments are being constrained.

Fellow Ben Attia, co-author of the report and Research Lead for Energy, Climate and Sustainability at Blackrock discusses with co-author and host Todd Moss the four interlocking squeezes that are disrupting energy development across emerging and frontier markets, and four priority areas to tackle them.

Watch their Coffee Break Briefing discussion below, and view all our past briefings here.


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