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High Energy Planet will change the way you think about solving global energy poverty and ensuring climate justice.

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A bi-weekly podcast that brings new and unconventional thinking on solutions for global energy poverty and energy access. Co-hosted by Katie Auth and Rose Mutiso, High Energy Planet features scholars, policymakers, innovators, and controversial thinkers on what’s happening in the world of energy access and how we can solve it.


Rose Mutiso is the Hub Research Director and formerly Senior Fellow at the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Senate (bio). Katie Auth is the Hub Policy Director and previously served as Deputy Coordinator of Power Africa at USAID (bio).


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Episode #7 Rebekah Shirley Lukera: Small Island Nations are Hypervisible & Hyper Invisible

July 6 | 26 mins

The director of research, data & innovation for WRI Africa talks with Katie & Rose about climate justice and building resilient energy infrastructure in small island developing states, why climate finance pledges don’t always translate to reality, obstacles to electrical vehicle uptake in Africa, and Nairobi’s reggae scene.

Episode #6: Arvind Subramanian: We Have to Fight Carbon Imperialism

June 21 | 33 mins

The former chief economic advisor to India’s government on how climate policy has become disconnected from energy needs of poorer countries, the politics of India’s electrical tariffs and why he thinks renewable energy has yet to be proven economically viable there.

Episode #5 Ken Caldeira: Let’s Align Self-Interest with Global Climate Interest

June 7 | 28 mins

One of the world’s most visionary climate scientists tells Katie & Rose why he thinks nuclear energy is key to quelling climate change and delivering prosperity to the developing world, why he’s gone all-positive on Twitter, why considering solar geoengineering won’t stop us from addressing climate change, and what he learned from pumping crocodile stomachs as a grad student.

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