March 15, 2021
A Case Study of Ghana’s Power Purchase Agreements
By Ishmael Ackah, Katie Auth, Todd Moss, John Kwakye

Ghana’s electricity sector faces an urgent crisis of immense financial strain that calls for a new, more transparent approach for contracting power in the future. Public information on current contracts is highly limited, which has contributed to overcapacity, weakened sector planning, mounting debt, and rising concerns over public accountability. In order to reduce costs, pay down debt, improve electricity supply, and build a competitive market, much more information should be disclosed to the public about Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). This case study, written in collaboration with the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA Ghana), identified 32 PPAs currently in force for the provision of electricity generation. We have summarized the implications of these contracts, and compiled all available public information into a downloadable Annex. The purpose of the case study is to illuminate the problem of non-disclosure in Ghana and encourage future contracts to be far more transparent.

Read our full case study and annex (10 pages) here, or download just the annex list of current PPAs (2 pages) here.

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