Rebekah Shirley
Research Director of Data and Innovation, World Resources Institute

Areas of Expertise
Small Island Nations, Electric Vehicles, Energy Modeling, Climate Change

Dr. Rebekah Shirley is a Visiting Research Fellow at Strathmore University, where she mentors students, designs graduate curricula, and supports local research capacity development. She is also a RAEL Research Affiliate for the University of California at Berkeley, and the Director of Research, Data & Innovation at the World Resources Institute, Africa, where she works to improve access to high-quality data and insights for environmental and human development. Her research explores models for integrated energy planning and innovations for sustainable power system design. She works in sub Saharan Africa, South Asia, and in Small Island States. Rebekah’s work with energy companies, civil society, and governments has driven energy strategy at the state and national level.

Rebekah earned her PhD from the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley where she also obtained her MSc. Energy and Resources and a MSc. Civil Engineering. Rebekah was previously a University of California Chancellor’s Fellow. She was also featured as an ESI Africa Power and Energy Leader in 2019 and named Africa Utility Week’s 2018 Outstanding Young Leader in Energy. Rebekah is Caribbean-American and lives in Nairobi, Kenya.



Non-Hub Publication Highlights

Small island developing states and their suitability for electric vehicles and vehicle-​​to-​​grid services. Utilities Policy, Vol. 55. September 27, 2018.
Renewable energy sector development in the Caribbean: Current trends and lessons from history. Energy Policy, Vol. 57. February 22, 2013.

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