Stephen Lee
Researcher, MIT

Areas of Expertise
Electrification Planning, Data for Infrastructure Planning

Stephen is a Hub Fellow and a researcher in the MIT Universal Energy Access Lab and the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. His current work involves remote sensing for large scale infrastructure planning using a variety of machine learning and statistical methods. Ongoing projects include automatically mapping infrastructure in large areas using satellite image data and performing data fusion for electrification status and demand estimation using Bayesian spatial models. Stephen has experience in India and sub-Saharan Africa working on projects related to data-driven electrification master planning. He previously worked as a management consultant with NERA Economic Consulting and Deloitte Consulting. Stephen is currently pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at MIT. He holds Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and in Technology & Policy from MIT and Bachelor’s degrees in Materials Science & Engineering and Economics from Johns Hopkins University.

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